Sick 3-year-year and her family surprised with trip to Orlando theme parks


HENRICO COUNTY, Va. — A local girl battling an incurable disease got a huge surprise Tuesday thanks to “Baking Memories 4 Kids.”

Three-year-old Jamisen Alston was born with Cytomegalovirus, she has several disabilities, and she can’t walk.

Three-year-old Jamisen Alston

Tuesday Jamisen, her older brother and sister, and her family got some good news. They learned they won a trip of a lifetime.

The national organization “Baking Memories 4 Kids” surprised them with a week-long all-expense paid trip to Florida, where they will enjoy all of the amusement parks in Orlando.

The announcement brought a lot of tears and hugs to Jamisen’s family.

“It’s been a roller coaster of everything, happy times, sad times, it just all comes together to make a great memory,” said Jamisen’s sister Jade.

Local family

Jamisen and her family

The organization raises money for trips for families like Jamisen’s by selling holiday cookies.

Jamisen’s family was nominated for this award.

Framl Squeo with “Baking Memories 4 Kids” said these trips are special for the families, but it’s also special for them.

“When you see what these kids are going through and you see what their parents go through, you cannot help, but to fall in love with them,” said Squeo.