Photo of elderly man giving stranger tie tutorial goes viral

Redd Desmond Thomas was at a platform at the Linderbergh Center MARTA station in Atlanta when he noticed an elderly couple helping a young man learn how to tie his tie.

Thomas snapped a picture of the touching moment and shared the story on Facebook and social media Saturday, Nov. 14. It has since gone viral, garnering over 905,800 likes and over 216,600 shares as of Wednesday morning.

An unidentified young man was sitting on the bench struggling with the knot in his tie when an elderly woman noticed him struggling and asked if he knew what he was doing. When the young man responded, “No, ma’am,” she nudged her husband and asked him to teach the young man.

The elderly gentleman without hesitation, not only showed him how to tie his tie but had the young man repeat the steps himself so that they could be sure he had learned them properly.

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