Black 13-Year-Old Pens Heartbreaking Letter To Middle School About Racism

An eighth grader from Yorktown, Virginia penned a heartbreaking letter about the racism he’s experienced at his middle school, The New York Daily News reports.

Za’Khari Waddy said the constant bullying and racial taunts began after he moved to the area with his mother, Zettrona Powell. The honor student said he’s been asked by fellow students at Tabb Middle School if he was going to rape a student, or rob them. Za’Khari, who will be 14 in December, has also been called the n-word on numerous occasions.

Powell said she discussed the racist behavior with the school administration, but nothing has been done to stop it.

So, Za’Khari deals. But on Oct. 27, during a bus ride in which a fellow student spewed hateful and racist insults at him, the teenager reached his “breaking point.”

He wrote the letter below to the faculty.

To Whom It May Concern: