Erykah Badu Threatens To Steal A Twitter Troll’s Boyfriend

Erykah Badu has many aliases (Fat Belly Bella, Analog Girl in a Digital World, Sara Bellum) but the singer may have to add Mrs. Steal Your Man to the list.

The musical goddess had a Twitter exchange with one of her followers, which led to Fat Belly Bella sliding in her DMs and getting all the way real.

The troll first began to taunt Ms. Badu.

“I may be a little immature, but IDGAF. At least I’m smart with it.” – GumboGodess

— GumboGodess (@GumboGodess) November 11, 2015

The 44-year-old, who admitted to only tweeting during PMS, replied:

U lose sir.

— ErykahBadoula (@fatbellybella) November 12, 2015

She went so far as to post a photo of the troll and call her “UG-GA-LY”

@GumboGodess see the baby don’t even wanna look at u.

— ErykahBadoula (@fatbellybella) November 13, 2015

Naw u ugly

— ErykahBadoula (@fatbellybella) November 13, 2015

Get u ugly ass off the Inna net please

— ErykahBadoula (@fatbellybella) November 13, 2015

Things got real when Badu slid in the girl’s DMs and threatened to steal her man.

We didn’t know Erykah had it in her…or did we?

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PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Getty