High school football player, 16, dies hours after playoff victory

Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx won an important playoff game on Saturday night, but no one is celebrating.

The school is instead mourning the tragic passing of a 16-year-old player who died hours after the game was over.

Delano Cowan, a junior who played defensive tackle, died at Lincoln Hospital after police responded to calls about someone who had fallen off a building.

Police are still investigating the circumstances of his death.

“It’s a tremendous loss for the family and a very tough loss for us,” said Hayes coach CJ O’Neil. “It’s been a very emotional week.”

Although Cowan did not start for the team, O’Neil said “he was making his way there.”

Cowan’s cousin, Danielle Lyons, has since started a GoFundMe account in his name with a goal of raising $10,000.

“He was amazing,” Lyons said. “He grew up in church. He was dedicated to God, dedicated to everything he put his mind to.”