Daycare workers claim they were fired over dispute with trans child

The former manager of a Houston daycare claims she was fired after she refused to recognize a transgender child because of her religious beliefs.

Madeline Kirksey, who was once the manager of a Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center, said that the children’s parents, not the child, declared that a six-year-old girl was now a boy. She said that the parents cut the child’s hair and changed the child’s name, then asked the school to respect that decision.

“At her age she was indecisive, some days she wanted to be a girl, some days she wanted to be a boy, it was according to what situation she got in that day,” said Kirksey, adding that she could not respect the change because of her religious beliefs.

Kirksey is now taking legal action against the daycare. She and her former co-worker Akesha Wyatt announced with their attorneys that they are now filing EEOC complaints against the daycare.

“Madeline has paid the price for standing her ground in defense of all her children at Children’s Lighthouse,” her attorney, Andy Taylor, said in a statement. “This has gotten out of control and now this dedicated experienced child care worker has been wrongfully terminated. That will not stand.”