50 Cent responds in interview to Vivica A. Fox’s comments about his sexuality

50 Cent was surprised by Vivica A. Fox’s recent comments about him. The two have not been together for some time, and he said that he was astonished to find that she was still thinking about him.

During Fox’s comments, before her controversial suggestion that 50 Cent might be gay, she said that the rapper had been the love of her life.

“When I heard that, I was like, woah, wait a minute,” he told [email protected] “I was pretty surprised, but I didn’t say anything. I had one love of my life, my Grandma. Not Vivica. That’s it.”

As for the allegations about his sexuality, 50 Cent continued to be surprised.

“We haven’t been together for years. No idea why she’s still thinking about me and talking about me all the time,” he said.

Later on during the interview, when asked if he had his eye on anyone, 50 Cent said that he had some mad love for Empire’s Cookie, played by Taraji P. Henson.

“Damn, I saw her on the cover of something and she looked amazing. Right then, ‘I was like, I’m not fighting with her. No reason to fight.’ That show is the Cookie show, people watch to see what she’s doing,” he said. “She’s just a cool D.C. girl, they don’t play.”