Chesterfield teen’s sneakers stolen at gunpoint while walking home from bus stop

Jaylen Whitaker and his mom, Starletta Holt

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — Chesterfield Police are investigating an armed robbery involving a juvenile near Squire Hill Court while the boy was walking home from his bus stop Monday afternoon.

Fourteen-year-old Jaylen Whitaker, who is a student at Meadowbrook High School, said he was almost home when a car pulled up, a man jumped out and pointed a gun at him.

Whitaker said the man, who wasn’t alone, demanded his sneakers and chain.

“He had the gun pointed at my shoes,” Whitaker said.

Chesterfield Police said two suspects then took off in a vehicle described as a gold, 4-door sedan, possibly an older model Toyota Camry.

“After I took off my sneakers one of the guys hit me,” Whitaker said.

Jaylen Whitaker and his mom, Starletta Holt

“I was devastated and scared to death,” Whitaker’s mom, Starletta Holt, said. She said she believes her son was targeted for his expensive Air Jordans.

“They can rob their shoes, take their shoes, take it in there, and get an easy 60, 80 dollars,” Holt said.

Holt is talking about a Richmond shoe trading store called Wavy Kickz.

Holt and Whitaker said they located his shoes on the store’s Instagram account.

“I noticed because the string is coming out right there,” Whitaker said while pointing out the photo on Instagram.

Richmond shoe trading store called Wavy Kickz

Richmond shoe trading store Wavy Kickz

Police could not confirm that, but an assistant manager at the store said police were there Tuesday morning requesting security video of the person who brought in those particular shoes.

“Each time the police come we always catch the person that brought the shoe in,” Reggie Douglas, the assistant manager, said.

Douglas said the police are in the store multiple times a week looking for stolen shoes. He said the store scans the ID of everyone who sells shoes and has multiple security cameras.

Douglas said anybody who steals shoes and brings them to the store will be caught.

“Yeah, it’s fair to say. That’s pretty stupid,” Douglas said.

The owner at Wavy Kickz also told CBS 6 he feels terrible about what happened to Whitaker, and he will personally reimburse him for the shoes.